Home Economics

Through Home Economics students develop the skills and knowledge to make informed decisions about their health, lifestyle and nutrition.


Food Design Technology

- 1 Term in Year 8

- 1 Semester in Year 9

- 1 Semester in Year 10

In the senior school, students are able to choose from a variety of courses which are designed to cater for individual interests and career aspirations. A high level of participation is shown by senior students in subjects which include:

  • Food and Hospitality – Stage 1 and 2
  • Child Studies – Stage 1 and 2


Students can use these subjects to gain tertiary entrance to University, TAFE or to follow career paths which include:

  • Chef
  • Teacher
  • Armed Services
  • Caterer
  • Hotel Management
  • Child Care Worker
  • Food and Beverage Service
  • Nanny
  • Footwear worker
  • Kitchen Hand
  • Cake Decorator
  • Clothing Production
  • Textiles Machinist
  • Fashion Designer
  • Nurse

Students who have studied Food and Hospitality at Salisbury High School have continued to achieve high levels of performance in:

  • Traineeships with the Adelaide Hilton
  • Tourism
  • Living independently and taking on leadership roles
  • Employment in retail and hospitality area

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