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 – the results are out!
Well done to all students!


Between 92% and 94% of Year 9 students participated in the NAPLAN testing in May of this year.


The percentage of students achieving national minimum standards increased across all the tests.
In particular there was a:
50% increase in students achieving national minimum standards in Writing.
16% increase in students achieving national minimum standards in Reading.
In addition, 88% of students achieved national minimum standards in Numeracy.
The mean score across all 5 tests increased from 2015.


44 students in Numeracy and 38 students in Reading made significant progress between Year 7 and Year 9.

Individual Achievements – Bands 9 and 10 are the highest achievable.
Riley Borg-Payten and Blake McGrath both scored 3 Band 9s.
Kento Martin and Jarreth Dodds both scored 4 Band 9s.
Daniel Bartlett and Jasmine Discombe both scored 1 Band 10.
Congratulations also to Vallerie Gee and Huy Le Tran who both scored 2 Band 10s and 2 band 9s.
Special mention to Brock O’Neill who scored 2 Band 10s and 3 Band 9s – an outstanding performance.

Where next?
1. Parents receive the results.
2. Students analyse their results with their CARE teacher.
3. Teachers use the results to plan for differentiation in the classroom.
4. Focus areas identified for skills development in the classroom.

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