Salisbury High School Musicals

2019 Musical


The Spy Musical


Meet Hunter, a shabby, down on his luck PI.


He's street-wise and wise-cracking and he's on the case of his life. Could this finally be his ticket to the good life? Enter Peta Steele; street-wiser and wiser-cracking journalist. Only by joining forces can they outwit their growing number of adversaries as they trip around the globe in search of the kidnapped professor, missing Chicago street-kids and - can they find the Princess of India before the megalomaniac Carla? They get more than they bargain for as they tango in Casablanca, belly dance in Istanbul, carnival in Rio and enter a mysterious world of ancient Chinese intrigue in Macau. This show takes a look at the sleazy side of a PI's life, with action, danger aplenty, slapstick, dames, crooked cops and corny gags.