This curriculum area provides a wide range of courses covering diverse aspects of our world, society, culture and environment. Students deal with History, Geography, Social Studies and Civics. The aim is for students to develop knowledge, skills and values which will enable them to participate as ethical, active and informed citizens, in a democratic society within both the local and global community. The approach, methodologies, skills and values promoted through Humanities develops flexibility to prepare for our constantly changing environment.


Year 7 & 8 students focus on developing strong humanities skills in respect to Geographical understanding and skills, Historical experiences and skills. They examine this through conceptual lenses and focus studies around developing string Humanities skills and undertake a Geographical inquiry, urban studies and Medieval societies.

Year 9 students focus their studies around Early Australian European history and indigenous culture. They also examine The Industrial Revolution and World War One.

Year 10 students examine World War Two, The Rwandan Genocide and Human Rights as well as our judicial system here in South Australia. They also examine post war Australia and the effect of popular culture. 

Senior students have the opportunities to study stage 1 and 2 Society and Culture as well as History and Geography in Stage 1.

Humanities enable entry into a range of tertiary courses at various levels.

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