Visual and Creative Arts

Arts learning plays an important role in getting us to understand ourselves. It expresses and celebrates our sense of identity and heritage within our multicultural school and wider community. Many of the skills and attitudes that we learn in and through the arts contribute to other curriculum areas.

Our visual creative arts classes cover all year levels and give students the opportunity to experience many different theoretical and practical pieces of learning.

We give students the theoretical knowledge of how the artwork is thought about and put together in the elements of art and design and different aspects of colour theory.

special education art work special education art work

Particular attention is given to the varying abilities of our students through differentiation of presentation and technique when creating artworks.

Students have the ability to develop their own unique style as well as express their individual choices.

Through exposure to different art periods throughout art history, public art pieces, art galleries, and exhibitions, students are presented with a wide array of different techniques and cultural influences.

Throughout the arts students learn:

  • to create artworks through practice and experience in different areas of the arts.

  • to look at, talk about and enjoy different kinds of arts experiences and artworks.

  • to develop particular art skills and techniques.

  • how art looks and feels different from one culture to another.

  • about the different histories and traditions of visual and creative arts.

  • how arts have been changed by new technologies.

  • about the arts industry and potential career pathways it can offer.


special education art work special education art work