Boys and Girls Health

As part of H&PE students participate in a Health Program. During terms 3 and 4 students are separated into three boys groups and one girls group, the focus of this lesson is to work on building better relationships with everyone in their lives. Teachers and SSOs have been working closely with students on developing positive relationship skills such as active listening, negotiation skills, being optimistic, and anger management to name just a few.

Teachers are also making students aware of child protection information in which education topics such as public versus private behaviour, different types of places and situations, and personal feelings and private body concepts are being covered. We are also beginning to look at a “Helping Hand’ personal contacts list that students can use when they need help with something that is worrying them. We are trying to build confidence and assertiveness capabilities in our young people “No, Go, Tell!”

Staff are also constantly working with our students on their personal hygiene issues and routines.