Old Scholars

You are part of the history of Salisbury High School

We hope you will also be part of our future


Salisbury High School is proud to welcome Old Scholars back to the school community. In 1998 an Old Scholars’ Foundation, which includes old scholars, staff and past associates of the school was established.

Currently there are approximately 2,000 names on our database. Our first newsletter was published in October 1998 and we continue to publish one a year.

If you would like to join our Old Scholars database please email your name, address and the years you attended Salisbury High School to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

From Rick Maurovic – 1976 to 1979
Patron of the Salisbury High School Old Scholars’ Foundation

I am very privileged to be the Patron of the Salisbury High School Old Scholars’ Foundation. When I left at the end of Year 11, I went to work in a career that I had always dreamed to be involved with. I went to work with livestock as a stockman/drover. During that time, I was seriously injured in a horse riding accident and am now a wheelchair user. My career has since changed and I am now fortunate to be working as an artist, doing something that is a great love and which brings me much pleasure.

Salisbury High School has become a leader in educative techniques and I am proud to be part of this changing focus. The school is preparing and producing students who will have the skills to face an extremely challenging future with the highest degree of success.

I would like to encourage all Old Scholars from Salisbury High to become active members. Salisbury High School remains close to the hearts of many and I ask that we all participate in the school’s innovative and objectives. By showing your support and the skills that you have learnt since leaving the school, you are giving encouragement to the current school population and ultimately providing the opportunity for them to strive and achieve their aspirations in live.