Daymap Connect

Welcome, Salisbury High School Parents and Guardians,

The Salisbury High School Daymap Parent Portal – your go-to hub for staying connected and engaged with your child’s academic journey!

What is the Daymap Parent Portal? It’s an innovative platform designed to enhance communication and collaboration between home and school, providing you with convenient access to your child’s academic information anytime, anywhere.

With the Daymap Parent Portal, you can:

  • Monitor Your Child’s Progress: Keep track of your child’s attendance, grades, and academic performance effortlessly.
  • Stay Updated on Assignments and Schedules: Access upcoming assignments, assessments, and school schedules to help your child stay organized and prepared.
  • Stay Informed about School Events: Receive timely updates on school events, announcements, and important news.

Your involvement is crucial to your child’s success, and the Daymap Parent Portal is here to support you every step of the way.

How to Access the Daymap Parent Portal: Getting started is simple! View the introduction video and PDF guide, then click on the Daymap Parent Portal link to get started. If you have any questions or need assistance, our ICT support team is here to help.

Thank you for your partnership in your child’s education. Let’s embark on this journey together through the Salisbury High School Daymap Parent Portal!

Open SHS Daymap Parent Portal 

How to login to the Parent Portal (PDF)

Daymap Parent Portal Guide (PDF)