Behaviour Support

Parent Information – 5 is against the law.

Special Education have introduced an update of our positive behaviour for learning. We have a 5 colour scale representing behaviour. Students have undergone intensive training and development to outline what this means and what the consequences are. The aim of this behaviour system is to work on student’s behaviour (school and community) with a holistic approach. We are trying to prepare students for the workforce and the community and this behaviour system is a reflection of what we want students to achieve.

Communication will be through the diary or phone contact/meetings for students persistently sitting on level 3 or reaching level 4 or 5. Please talk to your child about this behaviour system and help us to encourage positive behaviour in and outside the school environment.

5.Illegal Means students have broken the law in the community and broken the major rules within the school. If a student receives an illegal card, it means their behaviour would involve the police and possibly jail outside of school. In school getting a 5 means suspension (this is non-negotiable).
4.Scary Means just that – to be scared by someone or something or to behave scary towards others. Student’s behaviour is making someone else feel unsafe and afraid. If students get a 4 the consequences include, take home’s, lunch or after school detention.
3.Odd Means ‘different, not normal, strange or unusual’. This could include hugging your teacher, hiding under desks instead of working, not following instructions. Students will be given the opportunity to change behaviour. It may mean removal from classroom.
2.Reasonable Means behaviour is just ok, but it could be better. Reasonable means students might just need to think about what they are doing and saying, and change it. Teacher re-direction will be used.
1.Social Good social behaviour would mean that everything is ok and all the people around are feeling good and comfortable with students behaviour and the things they are saying. Positive referrals will be used to encourage students to stay at level 1.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at the school.

The chart  5 against the law.pdf  can be downloaded here.