University & Hybrid Vocational Pathways

The University and Hybrid Vocational Pathways are designed to provide students with a knowledge-based curriculum to highlight the many and varied university options available. The pathways are specifically for students who wish to receive an Australian Tertiary Admissions Rank (ATAR) with the option of having 20 credits of recognised studies contribute towards their ATAR. This option is for students aiming to complete a recognised Certificate III program. Mentoring by specialist year 11 and 12 Care teachers provides students with exceptional support and guidance in transitioning to Tertiary Study.

Students who select a university pathway in year 12 are expected to excel in year 11 subjects in order to select year12 (Stage 2) Tertiary Admissions Subjects (TAS). Students must consult the University Guides and websites for specific course information. Some courses have pre-requisites and assumed knowledge. There are precluded combinations of subjects and counting restrictions to consider.

To be eligible to receive an ATAR students must complete the SACE and meet the subject requirements as follows:

  • Three 20 credit (full year) TAS(tertiary admitted subjects)
  • Plus either
  • One other 20 credit (full year) TAS subject (or Recognised Subject (eg completed certificate III equivalent to 20 credits), or
  • Any two of the following:
    • Half the score of a 20 credit TAS subject (or Recognised Subject equivalent to 20 credits)
    • One 10 credit TAS subject (or Recognised Subject equivalent to 10 credits)
    • One other 10 credit TAS subject (or Recognised Subject equivalent to 10 credits)
    • Research project (with a common written assessment)

Please note that Recognised Subjects are those International Baccalaureate, interstate year 12, higher education studies or VET awards deemed by the SACE Board and the universities and TAFE SA as being eligible to be included in the calculation of the ATAR and TAFE SA Selection Score.p>

In practice it will be recommended that university pathway students enrol in four 20 credit (full year) tertiary admissions subjects and the Research Project with the common written assessment.

Students will have a wide variety of University options. The University of South Australia, The Flinders University, Adelaide University and interstate universities all offer a multitude of courses catering for a wide range of careers.

Students interested in University study are strongly recommended to obtain direct information from SATAC guides and universities, as entry requirements vary. Full details of university and TAFE entry requirements are detailed in the Tertiary Entrance Booklet published by the South Australian Tertiary Admissions Centre.

Go to the SATAC website for more information

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