Senior School

Senior school has a clear aim, “to see every student successfully placed in higher education, training, employment or community and service”. Our senior school pathways program is highly successful in providing all students with every opportunity to achieve the highest possible educational outcomes and career aspirations.

This is evidenced by the following data -

SACE CompletionDestinations

100% SACE completion for the last eight successive years.
In 2020, our highest ATAR was 99.3 and 50 students were accepted into University.
In 2020, 17.76% A grades (A+, A, A-) were achieved by our students, including 8 A+ (6 students) and 71% of our students achieved A & B grades. 

Numerous TAFE placements and Apprenticeships/Traineeships provided our students desirable destinations.

In 2020, we saw a marked increase in employment (26% from 19%) and students undertaking apprenticeships or traineeships (9% from 2%).

To facilitate successful outcomes, Senior School promotes positive and supportive relationships between students, teachers and parents. Consequently, all students are expected to take responsibility for their learning goals to grow as confident, independent and collaborative learners. To achieve this, every senior school student is mentored by a specialist pathway teacher to achieve their personal best with their individual learning and career goals.

High expectations, a safe and secure learning environment and opportunities for students to pursue their individual interests are essential elements of the educational programs we offer in senior school.

To achieve these outcomes, the senior school curriculum offers students flexible Pathway options:

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