Middle School

Salisbury High School has a well-established Middle School focus for students in Years 9 & 10.

Students move through the middle school with the same Care teacher to establish a relationship with a trusted adult at the school and this also allows families to build a strong connection to the Care teacher and the school.

Our learning is based on the Australian Curriculum and we offer a wide range of curriculum including, English, Mathematics, Science, Humanities, Physical Education, as well as a range of elective subjects including: Languages (Italian), Home Economics, Art, Drama, Dance, Technology Studies and Digital Technology. Teachers organise rigorous, relevant and engaging learning opportunities to address the individual learning needs of their students. We have high expectations that completion is achieved and encourage our learners to take full opportunities/advantage of the programs we offer.

We acknowledge and celebrate student success across the Middle School.

Years 9 and 10

In years 9 and 10 at Salisbury High School we believe it is imperative that teaching and learning should be worthwhile, engaging and challenging for all students. Our teachers cater for the diversity of individual learning needs by offering curriculum flexibility and allowing students and families to be actively involved in the planning process.

-       Differentiated literacy and numeracy blocks, targeted to meet ability levels for 60 minutes each week.

-       Specialist subjects on a rotational basis including: Home Economics, Technology Studies, Digital Technology, Drama, Dance, Art and Languages.

-       Personal Development programs with a focus on Positive Education and Course and career Counselling.

-       Opportunities to undertake extra-curricular activities in Instrumental Music, SAT, Youth Opportunities Program, and lunch time activities.

-       An opportunity to participate in school sports such as: Football, Netball, Basketball, Soccer and Badminton.

-       Task Completion Time (TCT) sessions will occur in learning areas, either during lunchtime or after school, for all students in Years 9 & 10 who do not complete assessment tasks. Students will be enrolled by subject teachers in compulsory TCT sessions and will be required to attend, until task completion is achieved. Staff will supervise these sessions and support students in completing assessment tasks. In addition, Mathematics/Science will offer tutoring on Tuesday after school and English/EAL will offer an English Club on Thursday after school. These will occur separately from learning area TCT sessions. Students can not be enrolled in these sessions as they are voluntary.

-       Homework club: Homework club will run after school every Wednesday for students who are consistently enrolled in TCT sessions. Students may be enrolled for the remainder of the term to ensure they receive the learning support that is needed. The Homework club will also be available to any student who would like some extra support with assessment tasks and their learning.