Science classes at Salisbury High School have a practical focus which allows hands on learning about various aspects of science from Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Earth Science and Space. Students learn scientific inquiry methods and develop group working and problem solving skills.


Students study a full year of Science in years 7-10. Students are assessed against the Australian Curriculum Achievement Standards using the assessment criteria:

  • Science Understanding
  • Science Inquiry
  • Science as a Human Endeavour

Students in senior school choose the branches of science that best suit their needs. Students have opportunities to participate in activities which encourage further study in Science and Technology, including robotics and other Electronics-based projects.

Senior school Science offered at Salisbury High School includes:

Stage 1 - Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Psychology, Scientific Studies

Stage 2 - Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Psychology, Scientific Studies

Scientific Studies allows flexibility to suit student interests and future aspirations. The program has been designed to engage students’ interests in local, national and global issues associated with science whilst developing their conceptual understanding of scientific principles in their area of interest.

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