School Sports

Salisbury High School's sports program is diverse and comprehensive, where the aim is to promote social inclusion and wellbeing for all students. The benefits of being involved in the Sport program include developing; social skills, collaboration skills, resilience, respect and positive lifelong health habits.

Salisbury High School is affiliated with the South Australian Secondary School Sports Association and operates as a member of the Northern Zone. Our affiliation provides opportunities to participate in a range of sporting competitions in addition to various carnivals throughout the year. Lightning Carnivals offer the opportunity for students to represent our school in the Northern Zone. Other major sporting events we offer are our whole school Athletics Carnival with opportunities for students to participate in the combined Northern and Vista Zone Athletics Carnival. Carnivals often align with our HPE curriculum and provide students with an opportunity to compete at a higher level.

Announcements for upcoming sport carnivals and teams are displayed on Daymap. The sports calendar is advertised in the gym foyer and displayed in all care classes. Any interested students are required to sign-up via the Sports Tracker App or DayMap links and all payments made to the Finance Office between 8.30am and 3.30pm.

 Sports Carnivals at Salisbury High School:






Ten Pin Bowling


Rock Climbing





Lunchtime Sport

Students have the opportunity to participate in daily Lunchtime Sport in the gym. The Lunchtime Sport program caters for all skill levels and ages and we actively encourage engagement and participation in a social and inclusive environment.

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