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Transport training

Salisbury High School is committed to providing and maintaining a safe caring, happy and healthy work and learning environment for employees, students, volunteers and visitors. Salisbury High School is a mainstream high school catering for students from year 8 to year 12.
Independence in travel is an important step towards greater interdependence for our students at Salisbury High School, Students will be (where applicable) transport trained by the end of their second year of high school. Students in the Junior Special Class are expect to be transport trained and independent by the end of Year 9 in preparation for the Middle Special Class.

Students will be trained under the supervision of an SSO. Students must achieve all competencies in order to be taken off of taxi’s (a checklist is conducted before, during and after the training)

Information about bus/train routes to Salisbury high school can be found at

Department for Education and Child Development
Government of South Australia
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