Youth Opportunities

Salisbury High School Youth Opportunities

In 1997, we began our rewarding partnership with non-profit Youth Opportunities to deliver their first ever Personal Leadership Program. 25 years on we continue to work together to support our students to improve their wellbeing, enterprise skills and resilience.

Today Youth Opportunities provides a range of services for our students from the core Personal Leadership Program, to graduate scholarships of laptops, driving lessons, and more, as well as ongoing workshops for graduates, and support for their communities.

To be eligible, students must first participate in the core Personal Leadership Program in year 10. This program uses 40 practical tools that develop skills to support young people as they transition through high school and develop the skills and attitudes they need to succeed at school and life. These programs are delivered off-campus by two Youth Opportunities trainers, one day a week, for 10 weeks over a school term, with a graduation ceremony at the conclusion. Participating students receive 20 SACE credits upon completion of the program.

The graduations are a highlight of our school year – attending one makes it clear first-hand the progress that the participants make in all these areas.

“Before the course started, I didn’t talk to a lot of people and struggled with a lot of anxiety. Thanks to the learning I have done in Youth Opps, I now have the new tools to help me solve to work through all these problems. I have come a very long way. I have started using many of the tools I learnt here, which has made me and my life better. I will keep making these positive decisions whenever I can, and I am better for it.”

– 2021 Salisbury High School Personal Leadership Program Graduate

The program facilitates our students’ growth in areas of confidence, communication, organisation and time management, relationship building, motivation and gaining a clearer direction for their future. It is facilitated in an adult learning environment where students take control of, and are responsible for, their own actions.

The support doesn’t stop there – the program is followed up with two years of PROSPER engagement, including continued mentoring and workshops for graduates for the remainder of their schooling to help them achieve their goals and make positive choices. Workshops have been developed by previous program graduates, tackling the real issues young people are currently facing, including habit maintenance, stress, public speaking, and young people in the workplace.

Graduates of the Personal Leadership Program who may be experiencing financial difficulty are also eligible for scholarship awards providing financial aid, career guidance, or academic tutoring. This year alone, our students have received a variety of awards including laptops and tablets, driving lessons, school supplies, and tutoring.

Parents, carers and staff of our graduates are also able to access Project 360 program which is a wraparound service designed to support our school community in learning about the tools and skills that our students are learning. This initiative allows the parent/carer and school staff to be more engaged in their young person’s development.

We have had the privilege of being an integral part of the success and growth of Youth Opportunities over the years and we look forward to our continued partnership well into the future. If you wish to learn more about Youth Opportunities, the evidence behind the program, or how you can get involved, please visit the website at


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