Athletics Day

Athletics Day 2022

Friday, 18th March marked our annual Athletics Day, with a warm and sunny Day ahead our resident DJ’s Macaskill and Galanos got the day off to great start spinning the beats. The atmosphere rose with anticipation as our Colourful teams arrived 1 by 1, cumulating with the grand entry of our principal arriving with the roar of a Hot rod, impressing the large crowd as always.  

It was then off to a whole school warm-up with Athletes spread across the 100m track working together to warm up and get the day underway.  Year sevens starting with Javelin, year eights the challenging triple jump, year 9’s into the High-Jump, Year 10’s having fun with Novelties and Seniors attempting the most challenging event of the day, the 400m. 

As the day went on, the food stalls increased in popularity, with Yiros, Fried Rice, Sno Cones and lollies all very popular. By the lunchtime break it was the tale of two teams which would all be decided by who was the fastest down the 100m green,   

By the end of the day a champion house was crowned, many victories were had and some spectacular battles in the 100m were a definite highlight. The epic Tug-Of-War battles were a site to be seen. But just remember this, students again pulled up short when racing the teacher relay team. 

By the end of the day Victory would again be in the hands of the Mawson team, with Florey in second, Cairns in 3rd and Oliphant Fourth. 

Details of winners and places are below: 


Champion House